Insurance Expats

We all dread the thought of something serious happening to us or to someone we love. However, it happens to thousands of families everyday. Whether it is an accident at work, a traffic accident, health problems or a disaster from mother nature herself, we always leave trauma and extra responsibilities to the ones we love.

Think about this for one minute…..  if you were to become seriously ill and unable to work or you suddenly passed away, would your family be able to live the lifestyle they have today if you were not around? Would they be able to pay the rent/mortgage, school fees, shopping, gas, electric, go on family holidays?, the answer is most likely no. Life insurance is so important for any family, yes it is a gamble and yes, you may never need it but, you have it in case something does happen. If something ever did happen, you will be making your family’s life that little easier, having the comfort of knowing that they can afford to continue paying the bills and living in the family home.

Understanding the basics – You pay monthly premiums for a chosen amount of money to insure your life, if something happens to you then this insured money would be paid to your beneficiaries. This money can help pay towards funeral or care arrangements, mortgages and children’s education, it can even be used as an income paid monthly, quarterly or annually to help maintain your family’s lifestyle. For something that could cost you less than a pound a day, wouldn’t you like that peace of mind and safety for your family.

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